Kat Morrill

Lighting Design

Kat Morrill is a stage lighting designer, programmer, and technician currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been working in lighting for nearly 15 years.

Kat began her lighting career in Saint George, Utah, working her way through the ranks from followspot operator to programmer/assistant lighting designer at Tuacahn Amphitheatre. She attended and worked at DSU*, eventually becoming the full time Lighting Director there after graduating with her bachelor's degree in Theatre.

After working in Utah for many years, Kat moved to White River Junction, Vermont and worked with Northern Stage as their Master Electrician.

Kat moved back out west to work as a followspot and console operator at Cirque Du Soleil's 'O'. While working for Cirque, she has had the opportunity to work on the 2018 One Night for One Drop benefit concert and has also had the unique experience of helping transfer the lighting programming of Cirque Du Soleil's to the ETC Eos family of consoles.

Kat enjoys studying foreign languages and attended a Korean language immersion program at Sogang University in Seoul during the summer of 2016. She also enjoys playing brass instruments, running, and podcasting with her twin.


DSU refers to Dixie State University located in St. George, Utah. I am of the opinion that the name of my alma mater should be changed to break associations with the confederacy and other institutions, traditions, or past actions that are offensive to BIPOC. Therefore I have chosen to reduce the name of the institution to "DSU" in all the content I create.